Online Dating App

Online dating is the new shift among the youngsters/ millennials for finding compatible matches and with this trend also comes the opportunities in the world of mobile app creation. This popular trend not only gives you the possibility to search for a better platform but also gives business enthusiasts a fair chance to give a shot for their startup idea.

Every entrepreneur wants the product or service to be cost effective. So, how much would a dating app/ mobile app cost? Let’s find out the cost of making a basic mobile app/ dating app.

The main factors that drive the cost of making any mobile app is

Prototype of Dating App

Creating a prototype gives you a better idea of the requirement. The better you accommodate your idea in your prototype the best they can be implemented in the final product.

Design of App

BY considering the prototype, the requirement for the app will be more visible and designers can give their input for the better user friendly interface of the app.

Development of Native App

Development for different environments can affect your pocket accordingly. Dedicated environment based apps can cost at a higher side when compared to hybrid mobile apps. Post development, maintenance of the app is comparatively cost effective with hybrid apps

QA & Testing

To ensure the performance, usability and user experience of the app, testing is the important stage of the app development. For better results and functionality a good part of the budget is dedicated for the quality analyst tester.

Amalgamation of the API’s

Budget of a dating app can be effected by including third party API’s which enhance the overall performance of the application without hindering the development.


Great user experience means more personal touch for the users in application. Packaging the app for the personalised experience and customised features can take your budget at higher scale.


Dating app service doesn’t stop with generating the users. Solving the bugs , upgrading the features brings a good budget for the project’s goal section.

Developing a dating application can depend on the level of complexity of the app idea. It is better to consult the technical team and experts for the better understanding of the budget and timeline of project.

A primary dating app should have the following features:

  • Social Login
  • OTP-Based Login
  • User Profile
  • Push Notifications
  • Compatibility Quiz
  • Discovery Setting
  • Match by Mutual
  • Private Chat
  • Video Call
  • Report Profiles & Filtering Options
  • Geolocation
  • Moderation for User Generated Content